Have You Ever Seen An Alien?

September 9, 2008 by  

There are lots of people in this world who claim to have seen extraterrestrial sightings. However, there is no such evidence where a large number of people have claimed to sight extraterrestrials . This makes the whole thing a bit ambiguous. Also, this very thing makes people to think as if aliens are for real? Also, it makes some people to think as if aliens are for real, then do they show up to some specific types of people? Strange! Isn’t it?

Answers to the abovementioned questions are quite tricky. However, it is essential to mention that there certainly are some people who believe that they have some sorts of psychic powers. It is just because the reason that people believe that aliens always invades the earth after formulating a communication with your thoughts. It just feels like a type of telepathy. Still, there is a great deal of doubts in the fact that aliens choose people and then they show up. Well, who knows!

When it comes to UFOs, things are a bit different. There are greater evidences for the sightings of UFOs. However, there are only few people who claimed that they have seen the UFOs. Here, it can actually be deduced that UFOs do exist, but, they just don’t show up every now and then. They are rare and there is not such thing that they only land where some group of psychic people is living. If you will be luck, you will come across some type of UFO. However, it is pertinent to mention that these UFOs suppose to work with Electro-Magnetic fields, so, it can be a factor determining their landing place. Finally, it can be assumed that aliens may have some principles or codes that forbid them to get in touch with a greater number of people. Anyways, all these thoughts are just hypothetical thoughts and their authenticity is to be checked by scientists.

So, the bottom line is that there are lots of people and some scientists as well who believe that aliens and UFOs do exist. However, there are no evidences and theories to depict as why they don’t shop up to public in general. Scientists are trying hard to know more about their presence, behavior and pattern of showing up. If they will become able to know something about the pattern that they use to show up, then it will be far easier for scientists to dig more details about them.


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